The goal of Ladder’s program is to provide permanent, affordable, quality, appropriate, safe homes for people in our community who have mental illness. Supportive independent living offers a unique solution to the housing problems for this population. In combines permanent, affordable housing with a range of support services (wrap-around support) that help people stabilize their lives. We provide long-term solutions instead of endless cycles of expense, failure, and despair, offering what no temporary shelter or ad-hoc service program can offer: a home.

A major component to the success of our residents is our supportive services staff who provide multi-faceted support: keeping in regular contact with the residents, monitoring their living situation, assisting them in connecting with the community and providing a safety net. They provide/coordinate/advocate whatever type of support residents need for independence, as well as encouraging the support of family, friends, and community. This is called “wrap-around” care, and in our experience, provides the most successful environment for people struggling with mental illness.



“The support of other people is so very important for all of us.
And that is why Ladder is so important for the folks who live here.
Each one has a strong sense of support. Everybody cares for the other.
It feels very comfortable and safe.”
…Ladder Resident

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