How We Serve


   It is our goal to create a safe, inclusive, supported environment for adults with mental illness. Our supportive independent living approach offers a unique solution to the housing challenges for this population. It combines permanent, 

affordable housing with a range of support services that help residents stabilize their lives.  

We provide what no temporary shelter or ad-hoc service program can offer: 

A Home!

A major component to the success of our program is case management. Licensed and experienced staff provide multi-faceted support for residents that starts with relationship building. Our team is readily available to residents, maintaining regular contact, monitoring their living situation and well-being, assisting with employment opportunities and community involvement, and promoting active and healthy lifestyle choices, all while providing a safety net during crisis. We advocate for necessary services, through our partnerships with many national and local organizations, and provide tools residents need to succeed.


At the heart of Ladder is our care and compassion. We understand each resident's individual needs, goals, and talents. We are there to listen, celebrate the triumphs, and provide guidance during downfall. Our wrap-around approach encourages the support of family, friends, and community. In our experience, this provides the most successful environment 

for residents to thrive and become independent.